The Lion among the Tigers

O Marina Bay Sands, complexo com hotel e shopping center e o Leão símbolo de Cingapura. / The Marina Bay Sands, hotel and shopping center complex, and the Lion, Singapore's symbol.
The Marina Bay Sands, hotel and shopping center complex, and the Lion, Singapore’s symbol.

The first destination of my 30 day adventure in Asia was one of the countries belonging to the group of the four asian tigers. Singapore was founded in 1819 and has developed amazingly ever since. Independent since 1863 from the british sovereign, and soon after, in 1865 from the neighbor Malaysia. Singapore is one of the largest business centers, fourth largest in the world. It is also among the five bigger ports with highest traffic in the world. There are four official languages there, among them English, what was good, because it was one of the few places of this trip of my where I could easily communicate.

Uma das simpáticas pessoas que pediu foto comigo lá em Cingapura. / One of the great spirit persons who asked for a photo with me in Singapore.
One of the great spirit persons who asked for a photo with me in Singapore.

The city’s symbol is the tiger, almost a literal translation to the word Singapore, a small country compared to so many others in the world, curiously formed by 63 islands, and growing. Another portion of land should be included to this country next decades. There are over 7 thousand multinational companies installed in Singapore. These companies have their head offices in countries like the USA, European continent and Japan. Another two thousand are from China and India. One of the main reason for this impressive number is due to the fact that Singapore is one of the less corrupt countries in the globe, beside New Zealand and the Scandinavian countries, far, far away from Brazil’s reality on that list. It is also in Singapore that there is the highest percentage of millionaires in the world. The social contrast is hardly noticed, that is due to the fact that among the governmental programs is one that provides between 400 to 1000 singapore dollares a month to homeless people, besides free medical care, money for school tuition for children, rent of a studio apartment, and besides that, training for professional courses. Well, as you’ve seen, this country provides all the support their people need to live a life with dignity and, mainly, develop themselves. But hey! What about the architecture there? Each building seems to be the perfect component to a marvelous composition big artwork. Everywhere you can notice they are not just playing around when they gift us with stunning buildings. The walk along the bay is a delight to the eyes of all architecture and design lover. Just about there I took over 200 photos. There are so many details and fascinating projects to be observed. From the most traditional colonial style, from the Second World War, to other ones, a lot more contrasting from the after war and post colonial period. And that does not include the Buddhist temples you see everywhere. Wrapped in this ocean of styles, european neoclassic, gothic, palladianism and renaissance, outstanding is the Marina Bay Sands, that one with a cruiser shape top. Developed by the Las Vegas Sands (LVS), it stands as the second most expensive building in the world, initially budgeted in 5.5 billion american dollars to be built, the 560.000 square meters complex, rocketed in costs of matherials and labor, reaching the bagatelle of 8 billion of the same currency to be finished. With an spectacular architecture, safety on the streets and a singular people, people who would stop me on the streets to take photos with me, I still don’t know the very reason, visiting Singapore and being able to tell about my adventure there to you, was the perfect beginning to my trip.

Incrível vista noturna da baía de Singapura do edifício One Raffles Place. / Amazing night views of the Singapore bay from the One Raffles Place building.