Living in Australia is Fortunate

Na praia de Brighton, em Melbourne, estado da Victoria. / At Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Victoria.
At Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Victoria.

In ten months that I am living here I have been able to notice the numerous professional opportunities, the politeness of its people, the easiness of becoming friends with them, the several entertainment options, but mainly, the safety the country has to offer for those who live here. Currently I am living in Melbourne, a big city with over 3.4 million people, the most populous in the Estate of Victoria, southeast region of the country, and now, elected The Most Livable City in the World. It is easy to understand why that is when you spend a couple of days here! The city’s infrastructure is incredible, with a transport system which can be considered a model and impressive for anywhere in the world.

Melbourne, Victoria.
Melbourne, Victoria. On the left you see Eureka tower, the tallest building in that city.

The people is welcoming, happy and always ready to help you. The architecture, well… the architecture is amazing! Having its foundation around the year 1835, Melbourne presents majestic buildings in Gothic style from the 19th and beginning of 20th century, like Flinders Street Station building, which used to be world’s busiest train station middle of the 1920’s, and which today, contrasts with some of the most modern buildings in Australia, like the ones on Federation Square. This square was built to offer exposition centers, music shows, cafes and pubs. Nowadays, Melbourne presents about 600 sky-scrapers, among them, Eureka Tower, a residential building in Southbank with 92 floors, 297.3 meters high and which demanded investments of 415 million dollars to be built. Just in concrete were spent more than 110,000 tones. Eureka Tower used to be considered the highest residential building in the south hemisphere and is only 3 minutes away from where I live. I particularly, think, its architectural beauty is superior to many other more famous buildings we have in modern world.

With my kangaroo “friends”, when traveling to the country side of Victoria.

Melbourne however, is not only made of buildings, most of its people live in the various suburbs it is surrounded by. There are trains and trams going to and from the suburbs. The rail network offers over 200 train stations and the largest tram network existent in any city there is, with quality service and fair cost. In Melbourne’s suburbs, the predominant architecture is Victorian, Georgian and Tudor, commonly seen and also existent in the United Kingdom, Australia’s “mother country”! Nevertheless, nowadays, Melbourne’s suburbs present modern homes and mansions in some neighborhoods which may value dozens of million of dollars. The most expensive home sold last year in Melbourne, was bought for 25 million dollars, about 60 million reais (Brazil’s currency). The mansion configures two external swimming pools, ten vehicles garage, lifts which take you to four levels and believe me, seven kitchen. Yes, seven! Another interesting real estate transaction in 2013 was of a mansion sold by 23 million dollars and with which the owners made a profit of 20 million dollars. The couple bought the house in 1992 for around 2 million dollars. Can you believe what a great investment it was? They actually made 1 million a year just by owning the property. Next month, I’ll bring a new article to you. I hope you all enjoyed knowing a little bit more of real estate on this side of the world! To me, it was a pleasure writing about. Like the Australians say: Cheers, mate! And till next time!

No meu segundo dia na Austrália, ainda me acostumando com o frio, porém, muito feliz! / On my second day in Australia, still getting used to the cold, but happy to be there!
On my second day in Australia, still getting used to the cold, but happy to be there!