Waste or challenge?

November 5, 2014

by — Posted in Australia

One Hundred floors, 319 meters high and at least 1100 apartments. The new Melbourne skyscraper, “Australia 108”, to be built nearby the apartment building I live in, will take over the title of highest building in the South Hemisphere. Along, and also already approved for construction, other two residential towers of 75 and 54 floors, will be built in the central area of Melbourne, creating together, another almost 1000 apartments. Main reasons? These high-rise apartment buildings would already be part of the city’s urban expansion plan, bringing together the current reality in Melbourne, which promises to be the first truly 24h city in Australia, and also, the largest city in number of inhabitants over the next few decades. For those new towers to be built, at least 6000 new jobs will be created and investments of 800 million dollars are estimated. Eureka Tower, which I had mentioned in my first article, is currently Melburne’s tallest building with 297.3 meters and 92 floors. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world, this building will have it’s number one place taken over by the future neighbor, the Australia 108, proudly though, because when finished, the Australia 108 will also make Melbourne became, once again, the Australian city with the tallest building. Today, the Q1 (Queensland Number One) in the city of Gold Coast, with 322.5 meters, is Australia’s tallest building. I still like Eureka Tower better! Leading the list of the south hemisphere tallest buildings, currently is the Sky Tower, in neighbor country New Zealand, in the city of Auckland, being 328 meters high. Nothing compared to the almost 830 meters high Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, today the tallest building in the north hemisphere and in the world, having 163 floors and costing about 1.5 billion dollars to be built, finished in 2010. Second in the list, is the Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan, with 634 meters of height. Other famous buildings in the list are: The Freedom Tower in New York, the highest one in the ocidental hemisphere, built after the Twin Towers were crashed by airplanes in 2001, it is 541.3 meters high; the Taipei 101 tower in Taiwan, being 509 meters high, and the Twin Towers (also known as Petronas Towers) in Malaysia, with 452 meters of height. In Brazil, the most famous skyscraper has got to be the Edifício Itália, having 46 floors and 165 meters of height, in the city of São Paulo. But, it will be taken over by the Millenium Palace building, estimated to be fully finished this year, also having 46 floors, but being 177 meters high, in the city of Balneário Camboriú, in my home State, Santa Catarina. As if all of it wasn’t enough, again, our eyes turn back to the Arabian countries. Already being built, and with initial plans of being 1 mile high (1.6 kilometers), the Kingdom Tower, in Saudi Arabia, will be the tallest building ever built, of all times. Due to the area’s geological conditions though, it was necessary to readjust it’s height to “only” 1000 meters. Projected by the same architect, Mr. Adrian Smith, who projected the current tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in neighbor United Arab Emirates, city of Dubai, the Kingdom Tower, in Saudi Arabia, is estimated to cost 4.6 billion dollars and to have 167 floors, 59 lifts and built area of 319.000 square meters. Just the basis where this tower will sit in is supposed to be 600 meters deep from the land surface. All of it makes me wonder, and I believe it might make you too, is this really necessary? At one point of view, it is a crazy fantastic engineering challenge, at another point of view, it is a highly spent of our natural resources, isn’t it? I have to confess I haven’t come to a conclusion about such matter. For more information, links to videos and other photos, access my profile on Facebook. Cheers mate! See you next time.

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