The United Arab Emirates and the “Ghost Town”

October 5, 2015

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Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. / Abu Dhabi, a cidade capital dos Emirados Árabes Unidos.
Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates.

The seventh destination of my 30 day adventure in Asia! This city has been considered by CNN and the Fortune Magazine as one of the richest cites of the world. Abu Dhabi, in the UAE, is the capital city and second most populous city of that country. The most populous there is Dubai. A curious fact is the translation of the word Abu Dhabi, means Father of the Deer. The origin of that name is still uncertain, but, possibly, it is due to the fact of the existence of a few deer that used to live in the emirate. This time I traveled from Seul, in South Korea, to the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Currently, Abu Dhabi has got the airport base for the Etihad airline, but it is already too small and busy, so they are building a new one next to it. To be able to see the stunning design of that airport as soon as I arrived, gave a good idea of what to expect. I stayed at an island called Yas, artificial, a project budgeted in 40 billion dollars, place to huge architectural buildings like the wonderful five star hotel Viceroy, the first one to be built on a Formula 1 circuit. And it wasn’t just that hotel I could spot from the hotel floor I was staying at. Other “insane” magnificent project I could see was the Ferrari World.

At the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. / No Mundo Ferrari em Abu Dhabi.
At the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

That amusement park I was crazy to see, the main reason being its peculiar roof design, painted in Ferrari red, with a singular shape and the yellow shield on top. And it was around there I started to notice how “ghost” that city was. Wide avenues, huge shopping centers with large corridors, parks, plazas, and several other places, empty! You look around as you walk and most of the time you see nobody. But hey, you know why? That city is ready for the future. The investments in infra structure to big residential complexes, are accelerated to receive a population who doesn’t know they will live there. That ghost sensation is almost imperceptible in downtown Abu Dhabi though, there, there are lots of tourists everywhere, beautiful places to visit, outstanding safety and a lot of heat. And, it was winter! I don’t suggest you to visit that region on summer. Among so many amazing other buildings, I always wanted to see close and personal, the Etihad Towers. Five towers that are, one for offices, and the other ones for residential living and a hotel. You should remember that complex of buildings from the movie “The Fast and Furious 7”.

The Zayed National Museum. Stop by on my way to Dubai. / O Museu Nacional Zayed. Parada no caminho até Dubai.
The Zayed National Museum. Stop by on my way to Dubai. 

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